I run and manage SURFSET Fitness in Singapore, and I’ve been building the SURFSET Fitness brand name for years. We were the first to bring SURFSET Fitness into Asia, and many of other SURFSET studios in Asia took classes from us to learn how to set up and start teaching in their countries.

I’m still an instructor, so you can catch me almost everyday at the SURFSET Fitness studio at Sports Hub making people sweat. I also run full SURFSET private sessions, so you can contact me if you’re interested to hold a private session for yourself or for a group of your friends or family.

Surfset Fitness

Nike+ Training Club

Maybe you’ve seen me at one of the regional Nike+ Training Club (NTC) events. I’m an NTC Trainer, and have been championing young women to get fitter, faster, and stronger than ever.

Nike Training Club NTC


Love the workout with music? POUND’s just the thing for you! SURFSET Fitness is a registered POUND venue in Singapore, and I’m a certified POUND instructor!

Poundfit Singapore is a sanctuary for fitness enthusiasts, offering training programs targeted at strengthening and sculpting one’s body through cardio, core training, and flexibility. Advocating fitness as a lifestyle, FIT Singapore aims to bring holistic, effective, and fun group fitness classes to Singapore.

Fitness Classes Singapore


I do use the stuff in our smart home!

You can, too!

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