I have been getting fit, exercising, and teaching people to do the same, and I have been doing this through my whole pregnancy (I stopped a week before I popped) and motherhood. When it comes to fitness instructions, I tend to take a functional approach – that our bodies are designed to move in certain ways, and that moving correctly and appropriately is the most important fundamental principle to follow. It is with this philosophy that I have sought a wide range of training, to understand and include the best aspects of many different disciplines to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Yu Shuyi Pre-natal Yoga

SURFSET Fitness Instructor

I am a true advocate of the SURFSET Fitness method. I still remember the first time I tried working out on the board and how it felt like learning to exercise again. There’s really no better way to challenge your body, core, and balance, and to speed past plateaus than by working out on a SURFSET Fitness board. The instability it provides really challenges you to move correctly, symmetrically, and functionally. I love it.

If you haven’t tried it before, do it! If you’d like to have a private session with me, get in touch!

Yu Shuyi Surfset class


Yoga needs no introduction. I love yoga and how it provides a balance to the other hectic parts of my life. Breathing, stretching, sweating — I also enjoy how dynamic it can be.

I’m a certified yoga teacher. You can join me for one of the off-the-board yoga sessions at the SURFSET studio, or contact me to make other arrangements.

I’m also a happy acroyoga practitioner!

Shuyi Yoga

Personal Training (PT)

Personal training is such a all-encompassing term. I like to work with clients multi-disciplinarily, and to involve many different workout methods to challenge and achieve fitness goals. High intensity interval training (HIIT), resistance bands, TRX, yoga, SURFSET, weight and resistance training; these are just some of the ways I like to spice up the training sessions.

I’m certified in TRX suspension training; and a FISAF certified personal trainer. Contact me to find out how we can do personal training together.

Personal Training


I remember my younger days rocking out at dance studios, clubs, and underground bars, working up a sweat headbanging to my favourite hits. Now, I’m more frequently seen at gyms than in clubs, and now rocking out with POUND! It’s a dynamic, highly rhythmic workout that’s really fun – it’s over before you know it – kind of like when you’re at the club and suddenly it’s 3am and closing.

I’m a certified instructor with my studio being a registered Poundfit Singapore venue.

Poundfit Singapore

Get Fit!

Me and my Nike Sweatsisters are now offering Get Fit! fitness classes – it’s all about training with the right mix of focus, intensity, and recovery. Progress with a training plan designed to see results!

Our Get Fit! classes feature a mix of strength, endurance, and agility exercises, so you can go longer, feel stronger, and move better.

Check our Get Fit class schedule here.

Get Fit! Fitness Class